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This model of No. 10001 depicts the second of the ‘Twins’ during the period after its time on the Southern Region – between 1953 and 1955 – when the two locomotives were trialled on the SR alongside the Southern’s own prototype diesel locomotives.

The Graham Farish model of No. 10001 is a highly detailed masterpiece in miniature, adorned with numerous separately fitted components to accurately capture the appearance of this pioneering machine. The livery application captures the splendour of the prototype, whilst engine room detailing has been replicated through the bodyside windows for the first time. Inside, the proven combination of a coreless motor and twin flywheels, driving both bogies and with all-wheel drive will provide enough power for any prototypical train. Supplied with SOUND FITTED, this model is supplied equipped with a DCC sound decoder which will play realistic sound effects straight out of the box

  • Pristine BR Lined Green (Late Crest) livery
  • Running No. 10001
  • SOUND FITTED – Fitted with a Zimo MS590N18 DCC Sound Decoder – See below for the function list
  • Length 127mm



  • Six Headcode Lights & Brackets at each end
  • Smooth Bodysides (No Steps)
  • Water Scoops Fitted




  • Coreless, twin shaft motor with two flywheels providing drive to both bogies
  • All axle drive
  • Electrical pickup from all wheels
  • Separate metal bearings fitted to each axle
  • Gearing arranged for prototypical running speeds and haulage capabilities
  • 9mm (N gauge) wheels to NEM310 standards with authentic profile and detailing
  • Removable coupling pockets to NEM355 standards fitted to each bogie
  • Designed to operate on curves of second radius (263.5mm) or greater



  • Directional lighting, switchable on/off at either end on DCC or Analogue controlPassenger/Freight mode, switchable on Analogue control and with additional configurations available when used on DCC
  • Cab lighting, switchable on/off (leading end, when used on DCC only)
  • Authentic light colours and temperatures selected for each model based on era and application


  • Next18 DCC decoder interface


  • Speaker installed in all models for optimum sound reproduction
  • Zimo MS590N18 DCC Sound Decoder fitted to SOUND FITTED versions
  • Sound files produced specifically for the Graham Farish LMS 10000/10001 using recordings from real locomotives
  • SOUND FITTED models operate on DCC and Analogue control as supplied


Graham Farish,N Gauge , Graham Farish,N Gauge , LMS 10001 BR Lined Green (Late C

Within 2 weeks of order-we always endeavour to turn around pre-orders ASAP( Full refund if supplier cannot deliver)t ca
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