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Thunderbolt Models

Sellers of all types of New and Secondhand Model Railway items in various scales i.e. O Scale, OO Scale, HO Scale & N Scale. 

Welcome to the Thunderbolt Models Website/Shop, here we hope you will find something of interest, please feel free to browse the shop!

"Feeding your obsession!" 

PLEASE NOTE: This site is not complete and features will be added over the coming weeks!


Coventry Shop Opening Hours

Normal Shop Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday & Friday: 09:30am - 02:00pm

Saturday: 09:30am - 03:30pm

Sunday: Closed

NOTE: During the period 17th - 31st October, 2023, as we will be in Cape Town, South Africa to visit our South African suppliers, the shop will have revised opening hours .

The revised opening times during this period are as follows: 

Tuesday 17th October, 2023: CLOSED

Wednesday 18th October, 2023: 09:30am - 02:00pm

Thursday 19th October, 2023: CLOSED

Friday 20th October, 2023: 09:30am -02:00pm

Saturday 21st October, 2023: 09:30 - 03:00pm

Sunday 22nd October, 2023: CLOSED (as usual)

Monday 23rd October, 2023: CLOSED

Tuesday 24th October, 2023: CLOSED

Wednesday 25th October, 2023: 09:30am - 02:00pm

Thusrday 26th October, 2023: CLOSED

Friday 27th October, 2023: 09:30am - 02:00pm

Saturday 28th October, 2023: 09:30am - 03:00pm

Sunday 29th October, 2023: CLOSED (as usual)

Monday 30th October, 2023: CLOSED

Tuesday 31st October, 2023: CLOSED

Wednesday, 1st November, 2023: 09:30am - 02:00pm

From Thursday 2nd November the shop opening hours will return to normal!


What We’re All About

A shopping experience like no other!

Railway Modellers – Thunderbolt Models' aim is to be the best Model Shop for all railway modelleing needs to halp you to excell at your railway project.

Since our founding, our customers have relied on us to supply new/second hand quality models, supply repair services and just give generally exceptional service.

We scour and research the latest trends in the model railway world and scour the markets for quiality model railway items in order to offer you an unparalleled selection of the finest models & and modelling materials available. Browse our website to discover what we have in stock or pop in to the shop in the Coventry Covered Market in Coventry to discuss your needs!


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

Contact Us

Queen Victoria Road, Coventry CV1 3HT, UK

+44 (0)7851 731629

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